To original equipment manufacturers, China Smart Sourcing offers a wide range of manufacturing processes for making custom engineered components and products. When your drawings are received, our engineers will be assigned to your project from tooling to the delivery of the parts. At each manufacturing stage, our engineers work with factories to ensure quality control procedures are properly implemented. Each part will go through our final inspection to make sure the parts or products are in compliance to your specification before shipping. It usually takes about 30-45 days to make samples and 60-75 days for the first shipment after samples approved.

China Smart Sourcing's manufacturing capabilities include:
Main Material:
  • Aluminum alloy, zinc alloy, magnesium

  • Alloy steel & carbon steel

  • Cast iron, gray iron and ductile iron

  • Brass

Why Us?

You deal with an American company and are assigned a U.S. based, project manager to handle your account.

China Smart Sourcing provides a full spectrum of services to manage a customer’s product from design through production and delivery. We evaluate your product(s) and provide you a detailed quote with no hidden charges for freight, customs, handling fees, insurance, etc.

We have offices in Lisle, Illinois and Shanghai. The Shanghai office staff of 10 includes project engineers, quality control specialists, and logistics coordinators who provide quality oversight throughout the entire manufacturing process. Our customers are more than welcomed to visit our Shanghai office and meet the staff overseas.

China Smart Sourcing is ISO 9001/2000 certified. Our commitment is to inspect and qualify components the way you would if your QA department were in our facility.

Recently, our products have been widely used for the rationalization of machining, flexible choice of materials, curtailment of costs, quality improvement and convenient assembling of parts.

We pride ourselves on the service that we offer. We are more than just a supplier and view all of our clients as long term partners in success.

China Smart Sourcing Manufacturers Rep Program

China Smart Sourcing offers exciting possibilities to manufactures reps who are looking for offshore opportunities for their customers and prospects.

To learn more about our exclusive manufactures rep program, please contact Frank Cai at (630) 737-0800, or