Frequently Asked Questions

  • Question: What is included in my quote?

    • Answer: Our quote, unless otherwise noted, is door to door price including all charges for freight, duty, taxes and markup in the piece price. There are no hidden fees associated with your quote.
  • Question: What is your actual presence in China?

    • Answer: We maintain a 2,000 square ft. state of the art office in downtown Shanghai. Our office is staffed with 6 engineers and 4 support people who handle supplier evaluation, quoting, pre-production samples, production, quality control and logistics.
  • Question: Do you have a minimum order quantity?

    • Answer: There are no minimum order quantities requirements. However, we prefer orders with purchase amounts that exceed $10,000.
  • Question: How long has your company been in business?

    • Answer: China Smart Sourcing has been assisting companies in lowering product costs for 7 years.
  • Question: If there was a defect in one, or some, of the units - how does your company prefer to handle them?

    • Answer: China Smart Sourcing is certified ISO 9001/2000. We provide all levels of inspection and quality assurance. Our commitment is to inspect and qualify parts and products the way you would if your Quality Control department were in our facility. We will follow through with production only after the customer has approved first article samples. All parts will go through final inspection before shipment. For any defective parts that reach our customers, we will discuss the best acceptable method.
  • Question: What is your company's standard response time to quotes?

    • Answer: RFQ response time depends on the project. The average quote time is 5 to 10 business days.
  • Question: What do you like to see in the quote package?

    • Answer: Your quote package should include:
      • Detailed drawings
      • 3+ samples of the product
      • Estimated annual volume and lot sizes
      • Target costs
      • Estimated required date
      • Potential manufacturing concerns
  • Question: Why should we choose your company over the next?

    • Answer: You should choose China Smart Sourcing because you can be rest assured that you get our unparalleled attention and expertise. We provide a worry-free way to your purchasing needs and achieve rapid, cost effective results. We can provide a substantial cost savings over most competitors and you deal directly with an American firm. We treat all our customer's inquiries, orders and affairs in the strictest of confidence. We guarantee your proprietary products and information will only be used as your company directs, according to law.

Our Capabilities Include

We pride ourselves on the service that we offer. We are more than just a supplier and view all of our clients as long term partners in success.

China Smart Sourcing Manufacturers Rep Program

China Smart Sourcing offers exciting possibilities to manufactures reps who are looking for offshore opportunities for their customers and prospects.

To learn more about our exclusive manufactures rep program, please contact Frank Cai at (630) 737-0800, or